Fabrizio Picardi

Attention to detail, quality, craftsmanship. Every dress is a dream we create together.

A thorough and up-to-date research for styles, high levels of designing and tailoring, pure silk are the key elements of Fabrizio Picardi’s philosophy. His tailored dresses and gowns have essential profiles and haute couture details for a unique and sophisticated bride.
A wide range of exclusively designed accessories complete the collections and represent the sober elegance which is peculiar to the brand.

In 2012 Fabrizio Picardi was honoured with the title of Eccellenza Artigiana Regione Piemonte (artesan excellence of Piedmont), thus safeguarding his products, the Made in Italy, and the prestige of his brand.

You can now find Fabrizio Picardi at its new location in Via Palazzo di Città, 19 Torino, right behind Piazza Solferino, in the very centre of Turin.


Unique, unrivalled, elegant and sophisticated.

Fabrizio Picardi’s bride loves to be recognized as unique, unrivalled, elegant and sophisticated. In his continuous quest for perfection, both in the creations of dresses and in the search of fabrics, Fabrizio Picardi fully satisfies the requests of his brides.
The customer, the chief tailor and the designer work side by side, customers are not committed to purchase after the try-out stage, and every dress or gown can be customized accordingly to the bride’s wishes. All these features transform an otherwise impersonal trading operation in a “dream created together” to obtain the perfect final result.


Seta Eau de Parfum

A precious gift to all of our customers...

Lotus, bamboo, amber, pink grapefruit, and other sophisticated essences wisely combined to create a fresh, feminine and elegant fragrance, which is in perfect harmony with the philosophy behind Fabrizio Picardi’s bride.